heart-img The Chelko Foundation was officially established in 2005 to commemorate the life of Paul Chelko’s wife, Debbie.  Paul had a vision for a world where women are free and no longer have to suffer and he set out to make a difference for women all over the world through empowerment. After obtaining its non-profit 501(c)3 status in 2007, The Chelko Foundation was born into reality and no longer just a dream for Paul.  His ideas for the Foundation, before his death June 2, 2007, were far reaching and will continue under the guidance of a select group of people hand picked by Paul. LEARN MORE



The Chelko Foundation engages in partnership with many groups and charities in an attempt to bring much needed attention to the plight of many in the community that are far too often unseen and underserved by the community at large,


Leveraging our skills in advocacy and fundraising, The Chelko Foundation develops and sponsors multiple events each year to benefit selected charity groups and organizations in our community.


The Chelko Foundation recognizes that it isn’t simply a matter of funding, in many cases, what is needed most is the desire to simply be involved. By participating in workshops and events within our community, The Chelko Foundation attempts to provide much needed, proactive assistance and support to a wide variety of groups and organizations.


Donations $51,000
Artistic Grants $28,000
Scholarships $16,000
Humanitarian Grants $13,000

One Billion Rising 2015

Saturday Feb. 14th, 2015. Join The Revolution


Saturday Feb. 14th 2015
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The Chelko Foundation

“Until Women are Free…No One Is Free”

“I am the purveyor of magic. I’m a magician, neither painter, nor artist. I’m not any of these conventional historical labels. I deal in magic, beauty, life and love…” Paul Chelko, was a vital presence in the Atlanta art scene for more than 40 years. His abstract painting, ultra realism, portraiture, performance art, music, poetry and film is world-renowned. Chelko also taught at Emory University, The Quinlan Art Center, Massey Junior College and was a member of the White House Art in the Embassies Program. He served as the official artist for The Annual National Charity Awards Banquet in Washington, D.C.
His work hangs in the collections of Oprah Winfrey, Frank Sinatra, Vincent Price, Mayor Maynard Jackson, Senator Max Cleland and Coretta Scott King. His work has been featured in The High Museum of Art and The Smithsonian.

Living Art America 2014

Randi Layne, from the The Chelko Foundation, talks body painting, The Chelko Foundation and the 2042 Living Art America event with Atlanta and Company.

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What People Are Saying

  • "Thanks to the generous commitment that the Chelko Foundation makes to supporting the community, we are able to impact even more families in need of help," said Executive Director Jeanine Chambers. "It was a unique night showcasing amazing talent from artists around the world. The $10,000 raised at Living Art America's Bodies as a Work of Art 2013 will be used to help arrange 40 mission flights for patients in need of lifesaving medical treatment that isn't available in their local area. At Angel Flight, we know that illness is stopped by boundaries - whether they are geographic or financial in nature - and we believe that cures shouldn't be either. Thank you, Chelko Foundation, for helping make hope soar for these families." - Jeanine Chambers Executive Director Angel Flight ~ Where hope soars
    Jeanine Chambers
  • “The funding from their organization provides opportunities and a support system for those who I truly believe are in need. The recipients have gained a wide variety of help including financial support with tuition, clothing, automobiles, and over all stability for a bright future!”
    Sara Wolf Mixon
    Bodies As A Work Of Art Co-Chair
  • “I support the Chelko Foundation because I believe in its mission to empower women through art and activism.  Chelko inspires change and transformation by connecting to people’s hearts and minds through creative expression and community outreach.”
    Nikki Noto
    Chelko Supporter
  • Dear Randi - You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for instilling confidence and style in ladies who have only known struggles. I look forward to seeing you on September 16th. Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance. Kindest Regards, Brin Black
    Brin Black
  • I support  the Chelko Foundation because it has created an innovative organization and built a living legacy.  They raise money by celebrating the joy of self expression and give grants that enable women to achieve their vision and dreams.  A perfect balance.
    Harriet Leibowitz
  • I support the Chelko Foundation because I believe in their Mission; a world free of gender bias.
    Jessica Ferguson
    Interior Decorator/Signature Piecez