Brandy Valentine

We recently had an opportunity to sit with Brandy and talk with her about her drive to support the Foundation.

TCF: We know you as tech genius, community service minded philanthropist, and an amazingly talented and beautiful internationally known bodypaint model. Tell us a little bit about yourself…

BV: Well I don’t know about the genius part, however I can tell you a bit about myself. I was raised by mother in a Jamaican household, so we didn’t have much but were very blessed. I became a performer: Burlesque, Go Go dancer, fire performer, and a X-Girl for a Myrtle Beach Comic Convention. I love my anime and comics. If I get tired of something and want to learn a new skill, I’ll learn it. I met Madelyn Greco about nine or ten years ago while a performer, and in one of our shows she was raving all the time about Bodypainting. Living in Charleston, SC at the time, I had no clue, but I wanted to know all about it. The first time I was painted by Madelyn and her partner Scott Fray, was such a beautiful experience. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t my last.

TCF: How is it that you chose to support The Chelko Foundation?

BV: I volunteered for the Living Art America competition as a model though during the event was drawn behind the scenes and learned more about the Chelko Foundation and what it stands for. The Chelko Foundation was a breath of fresh air. I didn’t know it existed though loved the fact it focused on ending gender discrimination. I remember Paul’s quote “until women are free, no one is free.” That quote still resonates with me. Additionally, I love that the organization is focused on making humanitarian grants as scholarships to empower others.

TCF: Can you tell us more about how your employer supports your efforts?

BV: Well I work with Apple full time and have found that many companies, mostly large ones, help facilitate community service by matching the hours you work and donate to the organization you are supporting. Last year, I volunteered so many hours the contribution to The Chelko Foundation was significant. I urge everyone to check with your employer to see if they have a community service volunteer matching program. It’s such an easy way to really make your service count!

TCF: What is your vision for the world?

BV: My vision is small compared to most. When I help someone it makes me happy. When I’m happy I don’t get so many wrinkles. It’s that simple…