Elena Tagliapietra

A talented and accomplished artist, Elena Tagliapietra is receiving worldwide accolades for her mixed media work combining fine art bodypainting and electronic elements into live performances.

Her living art piece, “Venetian Rose” in St. Marks Square catapulted her onto the international stage. In the collection titled “Symbiodies” she seeks to interpret man’s struggle to come to grips with the world he has created.

Recently focusing on Women’s issues of gender bias and basic human rights her mixed media work has gotten the attention of The Chelko Foundation. We are proud to partner with Elena on her coming projects.

Venice Revealed

BEING VENICE – VENETIAN JUSTICE  September 20, 2015. A100 meters white heart in St.Mark’s Square in Venice for the 12th and final performance of “Venice Revealed”: the project conceived by writer Alberto Toso Fei and multi-media artist Elena Tagliapietra. “Being Venice” a large collective performance featuring hundreds of volunteers took place on Saturday, September 20…



BASTA ! STOP IT ! project by Elena Tagliapietra, 2015 fluro bodypainting, video and photo by Elena Tagliapietra…


What do you want to see…

We are advancing along a millennial way to gain the respect of the rights and freedoms of equality that are unfortunately still far, recognizable in abuses, in bullying, physical beatings up to sink again, too many times, in the rape and femicide.